Friday, February 11, 2011

I love the library...

Walls of knowledge to grow and stories to tell.  Walking the aisles and browsing the shelves I am in the most peaceful place. 

Unless I have my 5 children with me...then I am completely stressed out!

My kids share my love for books and no matter how many times I give them the "No Touching!" pep talk before we enter, they just cannot contain themselves.  Little hands are grabbing at every book they desire and before I know it there is a pile on the floor...and the librarian is giving me a dirty look.

Then I discovered the most wonderful thing.  I can go on our library's website and request the books I need online.  If they aren't at that branch, they will find them for me and email me when my books are ready.  Then I just go and pick them up.  I'm in and out and able to check out so much more than if I had tried to find them myself.  Simple.

I don't know if every library does this, but go check it could just start enjoying the library again.


  1. I am a Youth Librarian and I love seeing families come in to the library! Who cares if there is a pile of books on the floor, they will get picked up eventually. We are fortunate enough to have a floor dedicated to children, when it is messy that means we have been busy and it was a great day!

  2. That's great! I wish our librarians were more understanding!

  3. the library is my favorite place in the world..but I know how you feel! Caleb is always pulling something off the shelves and somehow Luke always gets hungry as soon as we walk in, lol. But I figure it's worth it if it teaches them to like going there. Sometimes I do request the books online though if I know I'll be pretty busy that week.


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