Saturday, September 15, 2012

In the Shadow of the Cross

It was late and I was tired.  Another day of filling needs, calming tantrums and cleaning up messes that I didn't make.

I made my rounds through the house; turning off lights behind me.  I touched the last lamp.  The glow of the moon filled the darkness.  I had forgotten to close the curtains to the double window.  Moonlight against the window panes cast the perfect shadow of a cross on my living room floor.

It stopped me in my steps.  The image was so large and so perfect, I couldn't pull myself from it.

I had to share it with someone.  I called for my husband to come see.  He was already in bed; wondering why his crazy wife was staring at shadows on the floor.  He wouldn't humor me.

I stood there overwhelmed by the shadow.  A cross in the center of our home.

By sunrise the shadow was gone, but it will stick with me forever.  What if we really lived in the shadow of the cross?

Would we be more loving in the presence of the greatest love?

Would we forgive more freely, being reminded of how much we have been forgiven of?

Would we speak with more grace in the shadow if His amazing grace?

Would we allow the same things in our home?  Would we just have to share it with someone?

Because, the truth is, if we truly believe in His love and have accepted His gift of grace...if we stand up and say, "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord"; then our lives are lived in the shadow of the cross.  
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