Monday, April 11, 2011

"When I grow up I want to be a farmer."

I remember as a little girl declaring this because I wanted to wear overalls every day. 

As we were making plans to live here, we always dreamed of having a little hobby farm.  But, it took 7 years to build this house and the "Someday...." seemed like it would never come to be.  It's easy to make grand plans when the end is no where in sight.  But as we have settled in, and the weather is warming up, we have started preparing.

I started a compost pile.  In theory, you just dump in your kitchen scraps, cover it with dry leaves, let it rot, and are blessed with rich nutrition for your garden.  Only time will tell how this experiment will work out.

Then I received an email from a friend: "The chicks are hatching!"

I found myself walking the aisles of the farm supply store.  As I exchanged polite smiles with the other customers, I wondered if they knew I didn't belong.  Could they see through this suburban-girl-turned-farmer-wannabe?  I have no idea what I am doing, but I am determined to learn.

Yesterday the chicks arrived.

Ten, 3 week old little balls of fluff with a few new feathers poking through.  Cutest.things.ever.

This morning as I sat with my coffee, I could hear a sweet chirping coming from my laundry room.  Something in my soul just felt like home.  This is our life now and it just feels right.

So...I forgot that I'm allergic to feathers...but that's ok.  I can live with the itchy eyes and stuffy nose in exchange for the freshest eggs, and there is nothing cuter than chubby, little toddler hands trying to hold a baby chick.

I know it's just the beginning but I feel like our lives are forever changed.  I wouldn't trade this simple life for anything.


  1. yay! that's great! aren't they so fun? Caleb tried to push his on the swing today, lol!

  2. jealous! i want chickens so bad but fear living in the city will make it hard to keep them. i do get free range eggs from a coworker who keeps her own chickens and will never buy eggs in a store again! you can def tell the difference in flavor.

  3. I can so relate to that walking-in-the-feed-store feeling!!! Our first chickens are coming in 6 days and we're very excited but we went to Agway feeling very out of place. I'd love to live on a farm...but right now I don't. So I'm making where we DO live into as much of a farm as I can, and I. Love. It. It feels so right. Thanks for sharing this. :)


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