Thursday, March 17, 2011

Love and Pie Crust

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My husband called me as he was leaving work:

"So, what's for dinner?"
"I made a chicken pot pie."
I could hear the overly enthusiastic excitement in his voice.
"Wife, you rock!"

I hate making pie crusts.  I love cooking, I love baking, and I love a challenge in the kitchen, but pie not fun.  I like shaping it once it's in the pie pan, I enjoy making it pretty, it's just the mixing and the rolling and the mess of flour and sticky dough that I always end up with.

I have tried to compromise with my husband.  "Can I just make biscuits instead?"
I guess it's just not the same.

Yes, I know I could just buy pre-made pie crusts, but I am too cheap and prideful to just give in when it's something I should be able to make myself.

As I was planning dinner, I could have just made something simple.  I do have 5 kids in the house after all, and preparing dinner is never peaceful.

I made pie crust...because this is love.

I knew after a stressful day at work, he would want to come home to the smell of his favorite comfort food in the oven.  He knows how much I despise making pie crusts and it meant that much more to him.

I chose him over my own convenience.  I chose him over my feelings.  I chose him...and this is love.

This was no big sacrifice on my part, but isn't it the little things that make love so sweet?

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