Monday, May 16, 2011

My Wish List

Before we moved in I began a wish list of things we would need for the new house.  There were immediate needs, like a mailbox and shower curtain rods, and then things I just wanted, like paint for my kitchen.

Slowly, as our budget has allowed we've been picking up things here and there.  But, we are trying to be responsible and have committed to becoming debt free...and that meant that the needs would take top priority and the wants have moved further down the list.

This week a friend stopped by.  I have known her a very long time and she has truly become a Titus 2 Mother in my life.  I am always excited to receive an encouraging visit from her.  She stops at my door and says, "God gave me something for you.".

I followed her out to her car, and as she opened up the trunk I saw 3 beautiful bar stools.

She went on to tell me how a few days earlier her daughter just happened to mention that we haven't been able to buy stools for our kitchen yet.  Then, that day she passed by a yard sale and these were sitting at the end of someone's driveway.

As we brought them into the house and put them in place I was holding back tears.  They fit my breakfast bar and matched my kitchen...they were perfect.

Bar stools had moved so far down my wish list that I hadn't even thought about them in a long time.  It is so amazing to me that God orchestrated this whole thing without me having any idea.  He supplies all our needs, but sometimes He throws in our wants too, just to show us that He loves us.


  1. awesome! they look beautiful. I'm always humbled when God gives me not only my needs, but also my wants. When we moved in here, I dreamed about a pool. We have a deck, and a perfect sunny spot, but I knew we would have to wait a looong time. About 2 months ago a woman from church called. Her kids are all in college now, and she's taking down her pool...and thought we might like it! I'm still overwhelmed with gratefulness, to her and God.

  2. Oh my goodness, have me CRYING! How special...what an amazing and PERFECT gift. Just like our God, isn't it?! I need bar stools too...can ya tell your friend to pray for me?! hehe :) So happy for you! Loved this story! Thank you for sharing it with us! XO


  3. Crystal, I love your blog! What a great idea.


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