Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Surviving Soccer Season

It's that time of year again, the minivans are filling the parking lot of the soccer field.  There is a stampede of cleats and shin guards running through the grass.  Soccer season is here and it's taking over my life!

Having two kids playing this year has been a challenge, but I feel that we are slowly adjusting to this new way of life. 

I am such a homebody at heart and being out with all the kids 3 times a week is really a struggle for me.  I'm trying to be a good soccer mom, really I am, but I just don't think I am cut out for this.

I like having a schedule to my day and between a new school year, soccer games and practices, doctor appointments, and church activities there just isn't enough time in my day.  It just feels like we are going non-stop.

I've come to the realization that I just can't do it all...and that's ok.

I'm choosing my priorities and what is most important to our family.

My house is "clean enough". 
We will eat dinner together as a family every night, even if it is grilled cheese...again.

Surviving soccer season is going to take more planning on my part.  I'm trying to find easy meals that I can have waiting for us in the Crock Pot when we come home.  I'm trying to plan our school week so we can finish early on practice nights and the kids can have a break before we rush out for the night.  I've drilled the kids to remember to keep their gear by the door so we aren't running around like crazy looking for it.

We are all exhausted, but I'm trying to remember that it's only for a season.

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  1. Thank you for speaking to my heart. I feel the same way. My 5yo is in afternoon kindergarten, I'm trying to homeschool for the first time, I drive my freshman nephew to football in the middle of every afternoon, and my schedule has been non-existent. I don't work well that way. Thank you for reminding me it's only for a season. (And did I know you're cooking #6?? How did I miss that?! Yay for you! Big hugs, dear heart, from one homebody to another.)


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