Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Beyond the Baby...

I have continuously had a baby or toddler (or both!) in diapers for the last 7 years.  So as you can imagine we have gone through thousands of baby wipes.

Even when we used cloth diapers and wipes, I still had a box of disposible baby wipes around.  Especially in my car because they are great for wiping off sticky hands and faces and for getting spit up off your clothes.

So what's a simple mom to do with all the empty wipes containers?  Organize, of course!

These are great little boxes.  They are sturdy plastic with a hinged lid that locks in place, but is still easy enough to open with one hand.

We use them for storing crayons and colored pencils.  They are the perfect size and stack neatly.  I keep one under my kitchen sink for extra sponges and scrubbers, and of course, they are great in the nursery for keeping nail clippers, bulb suringes and extra pacifiers.

I have also taken the lids off to neatly store taller items.  I use one to keep medication and thermometers up out of reach.  I use another for holding sunblock and bug spray and other little items that just don't have a place.

You can find baby wipes containers in lots of cute designs now or let your older kids design their own with stickers and permenant markers.  They are perfect for holding little treasures or hair clips.

So the next time you finish off a box of wipes, think beyond the baby.


  1. thanks for the idea!

  2. Simply loving your organizational mind.

  3. They are great to organize the pantry with packets of instant oatmeal, gravy/taco mixed, or Kool-Aid. I cut them in half horizontally and use them in the kitchen drawers for odd-shaped utensils and such.


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