Monday, February 21, 2011

My Sanctuary

This is the first house we have lived in that had a dishwasher.  My husband would joke that our dishwasher only worked on Mother's Day.  Washing dishes by hand seemed like one of those never-ending chores.  The sink would be empty just in time to start the next meal.

As moms of little ones know, meal clean up is an event.  You have sticky children and spills to clean up under and all over the table.  Baby food smeared on the highchair and crumbs to sweep up off the floor.  The dishes usually came last.

There were days where it seemed overwhelming.  Just as I would start to wash them, the baby would cry or some other disaster would erupt.  It was frustrating because dirty dishes would take over my kitchen.  I hate feeling cluttered.

I was so excited to finally have a dishwasher.  It has saved so much time in my day and I can hide my dirty dishes in there until I have a full load.  I've even taught the kids how to load and run it.

But...dare I say it...I kind of miss washing them by hand

Those moments at my kitchen sink were my sanctuary.  I would look out my kitchen window, watch the wind carry the birds and daydream.  I would use those moments to pray, reflect and remember. 

My windowsill held mementos from our honeymoon, Bible verses I was memorizing, photos of my brother who I miss more than anything...and usually a few dandelions that my children had picked for me.

As my hands were scrubbing, I was venting to God about the things that had hurt my heart that day.  I complained (probably about having to wash the dishes again!) and He would quiet my soul.

I may not get a weekend away or even an hour, but I can have my moments at my kitchen sink.

How do you find your quiet moments in the midst of a busy day?

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  1. This is so beautiful! You are really blessed to be looking out a window at such a BEAUTIFUL greenspace. Wow. My kitchen sink looks at a big bare wall. And... I don't have a dishwasher - so I stare at that wall A LOT. HA. You've inspired me to make that space something beautiful. I'm thinking backsplash using stone and mortar. :) Something encouraging and lovely. I'm going to have to work on that... ha.

    Cassandra @ Unplug Your Family
    PS. Your blog is so cute - I love the design and the colors. :) So homey - HEY... even your blog is HOMEY! ;)


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