Thursday, April 21, 2011

Resurrection Eggs

This week as we are preparing for Easter, I am trying to keep the children's focus on Jesus.  Every morning we start our day going through our Resurrection Eggs.

I have seen them sold in Christian book stores, catalogs and even Walmart, but I made this set out of things I had around the house and a few supplies picked up at the craft store.

Resurrection Eggs are a set of plastic eggs with little items in each one to represent a part of the Easter story.  We crack open each egg and read and discuss the corresponding Bible verses.  There are a few different versions out there, but if you are making your own, you can choose what parts of the story are most important to your family.

This is what we use:
I numbered the eggs 1-12 and store them in an egg carton with the verses listed inside.

#1. Palm Branches (Matt. 21:1-9)
I found these little wooded ones at the craft store for a few cents each.

#2. 30 Pieces of Silver (Matt. 26:14-16)
We used 3 dimes.

#3. The Lord's Supper (Matt. 26:17-19, 26-28)
I painted the wooded pieces to look like bread and a cup of wine.

#4.  Rooster, Peter's Denial (Matt. 26:33-35)

#5. Tree, Garden of Gethsemane  (Mark 14:32-46)

#6.   Leather Whip (Mark 15:1-15)

#7.  Crown of Thorns  (Matt. 27:28-31)
I made this out of a vine and some wire.

#8.  Cross  (John 19:16-22)

#9.  Casting Lots for Jesus' Robe (John 19:23-24)
I used a small piece of purple felt for his robe.  I had a pair of dice in there, but I don't know where they went to.  Now we are using these little playing card buttons.

#10.  Linen Cloth for Jesus' Burial (Matt. 27:57-60)

#11.  A Stone Was Placed in Front of the Tomb  (Matt. 28:1-4)

#12. Empty!  He Has Risen!!! (Matt. 28:5-10)



  1. i love this and really want to do it!

  2. we do these for Sunday school every year. Love them!


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